Meeting Agenda

6:30PM - Magic 101
7:30PM - Regular Meeting


Dec 8, 2019 - Veteran & 1st Responder Holiday Show - 3:00PM

Meeting Themes

Dec. 4 - Holiday Party & White Elephant Gift Exchange
Jan. 4 -Gimmick Decks
Steve Queen
Feb. 5 -Impromptu Magic
Steve Finkelstein
Mar. 4 - One Minuet Tickes
Apr. 1 - Rings, Ropes & Chains

May 6- Money Magic

Magic 101

Dec. - None
Jan.-Coin Magic-Tarbell Chapter 3 - Jeff Lefton
Feb.-Coin Magic. Beyond Elementary - Tarbell Chapters 3 & 5 -Jeff Lefton
Mar.- Thumb Tips - Tarbell Chapter 6- Steve Finkelstein
Apr.Imprompt Magic-Tarbell Chapter 7- Steve Queen

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Vice President - Steve Queen 314-651-9162
Secretary - Sandy Weis 314-378-4403
Treasurer - Alan Zibits

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Steve Buesking

Steve Finkelstein

Johnny Harper

Marty Kopp

Sgt at Arms - Steve Queen
Scribe - Sandy Weis
Spirit Editor - Gary Chan


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Dec 4, 2019
Ring 1 Holiday Party & White Elephant Gift Exchange

Come and enjoy the Ring 1 Holiday Festivities with friends and family. We will be having lots of holiday food and fun. In addition to celebrating the holiday, we will also be hosting the Ring 1 White Elephant Gift Exchange. Below are the White Elephant Rules.

Traditionally, a "White Elephant" is something lying around the house that you don't want (some horridly ugly item that someone gave you as a gift.) For our meeting we are asking you to bring a magic item for our white elephant get together.  Here are the rules:
There is no requirement to come to the meeting that you have to participate in the White Elephant exchange.  Each person wanting to participate in the Gift exchange must bring a WRAPPED, COMPLETE magic effect, INCLUDING INSTRUCTIONS if needed.  The effect does not have to be new, but it must be in presentable and working shape and no less than $5 in value if new. 

Participants will sit in a circle with the packages in a pile in the middle.  Each person participating will draw a number out of a hat.  The lowest number goes first and selects a present from the pile. Once a present is selected from the pile of gifts, the trick is unwrapped for all to see.  The next person may choose from the wrapped pile of gift or may “take” the present from one that has been selected by another.  The person that lost the gift may choose to select a gift from the unopened pile, or may take a present from another person.  A single gift can only be stolen a total of 3 times.  This is continued until all of the presents are exhausted or everyone has a gift.  As an added bonus, it is a known fact that there will be several gifts that will be worth a lot more!  You might be the lucky one!