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During this Autumn season, our imaginations  entertain stories of the supernatural. Please enjoy an old time radio broadcast from 1949 featuring a ghost and Harry Blackstone Sr., The Magic Detective, titled "The Phantom Intermezzo." At the end of the show, Blackstone will teach a trick that anyone can perform. Just click the track below and enjoy the show ... but remember not to tell anyone the secret you will learn! 



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"Blast From The Past"

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Sandy Weis

I.B.M. Ring1 Scribe

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IBM Ring 1 Annual Dues

IBM Ring 1 Annual Dues

View Steve Finkelstein's June Ring1 Lecture before it's gone by                         

A bit of HOGWARTS magic resides on our Officers & Board page ... Check out Ring1's counterpart to Prof. Dumbledore ... our very own animated 1st President!



The webmaster asks that Ring 1 members submit images of themselves in action so we can showcase the fun we have to share. The world is visiting OUR to see what the excitement is all about! E-mail a photo of you performing magic (or your preferred headshot) to: . Your photo may magically appear on our Ring 1 website! 

 Annual membership in IBM Ring 1 is $15 and is a bargain, considering our lineup of performers, lecturers, and activities! If any of your contact information has changed, please let Alan Zibits know at

To pay by mail: Write a check payable to “IBM, Ring 1” for $15. Write “2022 Dues” on the memo line. Mail the check to

Sandy Weis, 1755 Elkins Drive, St. Louis, MO 63136.



To pay by mail:

Write a check payable to

“IBM, Ring 1” for $15

 Write “2022 Dues” on the memo line


 Mail the check to:

Sandy Weis

 1755 Elkins Drive

 St. Louis, MO 63136

Harry Blackstone Sr. performed at the 1946 I.B.M. Convention in St. Louis, Missouri - hosted by our I.B.M. Ring 1

Let’s start off the new year learning some practical, easy to do, yet amazing magic, Self-Working Card Tricks:  Card tricks that don't use sleight of hand, zero secret moves involved and all the magic happens semi-automatically.  There will be opportunities to perform and learn amazing self-working effects – poker deals, mental magic, gambling, etc.  Everyone will leave learning one or more amazing effects.  To improve the learning curve, we will be video recording each trick performed and taught.  We will also provide a reference list of where to find the best self-working card magic.  Let Scott know if you would like to perform and/or teach one of your favorite effects.


Do not underestimate the entertainment value of Self Working card magic.  Most professional close-up magicians interject self-working card magic with sleight of hand magic. Although there are a lot of self-working card tricks that are very boring – like the 21-card trick, they do not need to be boring as there are excellent self-working tricks that are very entertaining and make you look like a professional magician. Below is a list of some of the best of all time self working card tricks by some of the world’s best magicians.  Check out the effects below:

10 of the Best Self-Working Card Tricks in the World –


  • Out of This World (Paul Curry)
  • Gemini Twins (Karl Fulves)
  • Con Cam Coincidencia (R. Paul Wilson)
  • Shuffle-Bored (Simon Aronson)
  • Overkill (Paul Harris)
  • Devastation (Geoff Williams)
  • Play It Straight Triumph (John Bannon)
  • Untouched (Daryl)


What makes a magic trick great is the impact it has on an audience, and what produces that is a well-constructed method and presentation. What really counts is the effect and how it comes across.


So, why should I want to learn Self-working card tricks:

  • They are easy to learn.
  • They can be very powerful, entertaining.
  • They let you focus on the presentation.
  • There are many sources to learn them


We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


                                       - Steve Finkelstein

Join MAGIC 101

Our Experienced Mentors Are Available To Help New and Intermediate Magicians ... 

Please Contact Any Officer Or Board Member Listed Below For Informaton

FEBRUARY 2nd at 7 pm

Ring 1 Report by Sandy Weis et al. The Ring held its annual Holiday Party on December 1st. Members were encouraged to bring their immediate family members. In the past, the Ring supplied the main dish and the members brought sides and desserts to share. However, due to COVID, the Ring decided to purchase all of the food this year. Approximately, thirty members attended, and all had a good time. Jeff Halcomb, a new member, was introduced and he shared a little about himself. He belongs to a Clown Club in St. Charles and is really interested in learning more magic. The Ring hopes to see him at its future monthly meetings. Also, Steve Finkelstein presented the Close-up Contest awards (engraved plaques and trophies). Only one of the winners was present to receive the award, so that’s why there is only one photo. After the meal, Terry Richison hosted the annual “White Elephant” gift exchange. Members and their guests could bring a wrapped gift if they wanted to participate. However, the gift had to pertain to magic (tricks, books, DVD’s, etc.). Each person was given half of a card, and the other half was put in a hat. As the cards were drawn from the hat, the person who had the other half could either choose a gift from the table or “steal” from another person (who had already opened their gift). Gifts could only be stolen three times. This year, there were three $25 certificates to Ickle Pickle Magic Products, which were purchased by the Ring, wrapped as gifts. Al Zibits wrapped these certificates so no one knew which box they were in. He even put bags of rocks in the boxes so the boxes seemed heavy. He saves these bags of rocks each year and reuses them the next year. Trudy Monti-Monteith chose a box with several items, including a box of mouth coils. We hope she has fun with these!

Michael W. McClure shared: “The end of November brings such anticipation throughout the magic community. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are widely used advertising gimmicks that most magic suppliers employ to entice all of us to shop their offerings. These discounts are very real and a great help to everyone wanting to increase their collections, but they are also a temptress siren’s song that lures us to spend more than we have planned … after all, more purchases yield that much more “savings”! Since we are continually counselled by financial advisors to save more, I have convinced myself that this buying frenzy (and its resulting savings) must have great merit! Please … don’t burst my bubble." “Our Ring’s December Holiday Party and White Elephant Gift Exchange was well attended. Although several of the deadly sins were evidenced (including greed & envy, leading to thievery) everyone had a great time and once again, no one was arrested. The quality of the mystery gifts and generosity of the members made for an interesting evening of avarice … but all in the proper spirit of the game.” “The Ring 1 website continues to expand its scope. Michael requests that all active worker members submit a photo, short bio, and current website/email/agent to be added to our new “Hire A Magician” page. This will be a special perk for all members of Ring 1, and could prove invaluable to acquiring additional gigs, while also drawing the public’s attention to our presence in the St. Louis region. Please send your information directly to him at ." “Michael’s table-top game is also evolving, and it will soon enter the performance stage. He is seeking magicians to provide short video clips (with both effect performance and instruction) that will serve as the rewards for participants playing and winning the game. It is his hope that the general gaming community will be bitten by the bug and pursue further education in our art. We need the younger generations to join us now and to carry the wand long after we have “shuffled off this mortal mouth-coil” (with sincere apologies to the Bard). Table-top gaming’s popularity has surged recently year after year, and this niche’s members are waiting to love and learn more magic … they just do not know it yet! All effects revealed in the game are to be classics from the public domain, yet the origin of the trick should be acknowledged as often as possible. A source publication is desired to steer the viewer toward more material and induce them to investigate further. Everyone interested in a slice of immortality (through inclusion in the game) should contact Michael at the same email address as listed above. Become a Johnny Appleseed of magic and enjoy the prestige of being an integral part of an exciting new game!”

Trudy Monti-Monteith shared that approximately 15 magicians attended the Magic Roundtable on Saturday, December 4th. Trudy found a new meeting place, Dierbergs at 1080 Lindemann Road in Des Peres, MO. She is planning weekly Roundtable meetings on Saturdays at 1:00 PM starting in 2022 (except January 1st). All magicians are invited to attend. Thank you, Trudy, for organizing these meetings!

Several members visited the “new” Ickle Pickle Magic Tricks located in Downtown Park Hills, MO on December 11th. It recently relocated to the main business section of town. The members really enjoyed their visit and thought the new store is magnificent. They all had fun looking at all of the magic and ended up buying items, even though most of them already had plenty of magic at home. The group is hoping to visit again in a couple of months and hope more members will join them. The sign on the building says The Magic Shop in Park Hills; however, the business’s name is still Ickle Pickle Magic Tricks.


Anyone Can Do!!!

 January Letter from Our President


We have rung in the New Year at the IBM Ring 1. I hope 2022 will be a much better year for everyone. January is going to be a huge Magic month for me. I will be attending the S.A.M. Convention in Las Vegas and the Magifest in Columbus, OH. If anyone else is going to these conventions, please let me know so we can meet up. At the end of the month, Joshua Weidner, Randy Kalen, and Jesse Bader will be performing in Alton, IL, not far from where I live at the Alton Sports Tap. Doors open at 7:30 PM. Show starts at 8:30 PM. No kids. The link for tickets is: . If you live nearby, you should meet us there to support these guys. It would be great to have a big IBM Ring 1 showing.

Our meeting in January has been moved to February 2nd at the same time (7pm) and location. We will be doing self-working card tricks. An e-mail with much more detail has been sent to all the members. If you did not get the email, make sure to let me know so I can check your email address. We are going to try something a little different at 6:15pm at the February 2nd meeting. Have you ever wanted to learn about card sleights, or do you have one you are working on that you need some help? We are going to have some amazing guys there early to help us learn. Jim “Jimmy Cards” Molinari, Steve Zuehlke, and possibly Derrick Daniels. Over the years, I had wished that I could sit down with some experts and just learn some basic moves. I didn’t start learning this kind of card work until about 4 years ago. I am still not very good, but I am having a lot of fun learning. These guys have taught me so much. Even if you just need help with a shuffle or a false shuffle, just ask! I have been trying to learn more shuffles and more false shuffles thanks to these guys. If this works out, we might try and do this more often if these guys can make it.

Did I mention that there will be some prizes for those that participate? The big prize is 1 ticket to the Pageant on Saturday, January 22, to see Justin Willman’s Show. Doug Clark is going to make it to our meeting, and he is donating the ticket. This is an amazing prize and there will be others too.

Don’t forget this summer the IBM International will be having the 100th year convention in Atlanta. I am looking forward to going. As always, please let me know if you have any questions, ideas, or just want to talk. I am looking forward to a much more active year. I am also looking for people that are willing to help us find lectures in 2022. Let me know if you would like to join the committee or head it.

Don’t forget that it’s time to pay dues.

Scott Smith President I.B.M. Ring 1 618-610-5947 


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